There’s a wide array of pet products if you’re looking for new food for your furry or fluffy little friends. But the fact is that not all brands or varieties are as healthy as they might want you to believe. Many pets are overindulged and receive way too many snacks and a lot more food than what their bodies actually require.

About twenty to sixty percent of all American cats and dogs are overweight or downright obese. These conditions can lead them to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as type 2 diabetes. But you know, there are some other reasons that these pets end up gaining weight, and it doesn’t all boil down to their owners overfeeding them.

It is more or less difficult to give a straight answer to the question that the title of this post is. Some brands have a lot of additives, artificial colors, and all sorts of ingredients that might do your cat or dog anything but good.

Of course, they do contain protein, but it might not come from the right sources. Whenever you see a claim that the kibble you want to buy is made with real chicken, you have to think twice, especially if that brand is particularly cheap. Usually, most of the affordable alternatives are manufactured using meat by-products instead of real meat.

There’s also a rumor according to which big brands have some sort of spraying system installed in their factory setups where they spray the kibble with fat so that it is more delicious and appeals to the pet way more. What this means is that your dog or cat will wolf down the food way faster than you’d expect and you’ll have to get more. It’s the basics of consumerism, really. But the problem is that this practice genuinely has a bad effect on the health of your pet.

So, what should you feed your pet if the dry or wet food you’re considering is unhealthy? Well, not all of it is unhealthy, but the one that is good enough might cost you a pretty penny. You can make your own pet food at home if you’re patient enough and you can use leftovers or stuff you have from your own food as long as it doesn’t contain any salt or condiments that might impact the health of the animal.

Of course, cooking meals for your dog or cat can be tiring, but it’s by far the healthiest option you have. Otherwise, you’ll have to understand that having a pet is a very important responsibility and that you can’t feed him or her junk, especially if you care about the dog or cat enough to want them to be by your side for as many years to come.  


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