How to be healthy and lose weight


Over the years, people have constantly been looking for the fountain of youth. Everybody wants to live a long, healthy life, but only a few are willing to put some effort into it. When you realize that your health cannot be taken for granted and that you should respect your body, you will become willing to change your habits and do whatever it takes for getting back in shape.

It’s common knowledge that a healthy life means proper food, exercise, no stress, enough sleep and relaxing activities. These factors are useful when you are trying to lose weight also; therefore, start thinking about a new lifestyle if you want to lose some pounds and look better.

Don’t think that your age is an obstacle; you can improve your health, physical shape and state of mind at any age. Still wondering how to start? We can give you some tips! Read on and you will find out simple ways to eat healthy, stay strong and live longer.

A balanced diet will provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, so choose your food wisely and make sure that you consume only as much as you need, especially if you are trying to lose some pounds.

In any case, avoid dangerous carbohydrates like those from refined grains (white bread, sweets or pasta) and head your attention towards oat or brown rice.

Another step for a new body is consuming less red meat and going towards products with good protein, like fish, soy, kidney beans, eggs or mushrooms. Fruits and vegetables are also a must for a healthy lifestyle; they can replace a snack, but be careful, because some of them should be avoided on a diet (banana or grapes).

Exercise daily and you will see the results in no time. Jogging is good for losing weight and keeping your body healthy, because you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air while you run.

Diet and nutrition

Other exercises can help you work your fat out and have fun at the same time (Zumba, aerobics, Pilates and others). Don’t forget that good hydration is always important, not only when you are on a diet. You should drink at least 2 liters of water, tea, fruit or vegetable juice every day. If you are jogging or going to the gym, you have to drink more.

Don’t drink more alcohol than your body can handle and don’t smoke at all. Over the years, doctors have demonstrated that a glass of wine a day is good for your health, but you should never cross the limit.

Don’t watch so much TV. You can replace the time spend by doing this with reading a book or going out with friends.

Try to do as many relaxing activities as possible and stay away from stressing situations. If you cannot do that, meditation will help you get it off your head.

In the end, just remember that only you can change your life!

Is pet food healthy?


There’s a wide array of pet products if you’re looking for new food for your furry or fluffy little friends. But the fact is that not all brands or varieties are as healthy as they might want you to believe. Many pets are overindulged and receive way too many snacks and a lot more food than what their bodies actually require.

About twenty to sixty percent of all American cats and dogs are overweight or downright obese. These conditions can lead them to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as type 2 diabetes. But you know, there are some other reasons that these pets end up gaining weight, and it doesn’t all boil down to their owners overfeeding them.

It is more or less difficult to give a straight answer to the question that the title of this post is. Some brands have a lot of additives, artificial colors, and all sorts of ingredients that might do your cat or dog anything but good.

Of course, they do contain protein, but it might not come from the right sources. Whenever you see a claim that the kibble you want to buy is made with real chicken, you have to think twice, especially if that brand is particularly cheap. Usually, most of the affordable alternatives are manufactured using meat by-products instead of real meat.

There’s also a rumor according to which big brands have some sort of spraying system installed in their factory setups where they spray the kibble with fat so that it is more delicious and appeals to the pet way more. What this means is that your dog or cat will wolf down the food way faster than you’d expect and you’ll have to get more. It’s the basics of consumerism, really. But the problem is that this practice genuinely has a bad effect on the health of your pet.

So, what should you feed your pet if the dry or wet food you’re considering is unhealthy? Well, not all of it is unhealthy, but the one that is good enough might cost you a pretty penny. You can make your own pet food at home if you’re patient enough and you can use leftovers or stuff you have from your own food as long as it doesn’t contain any salt or condiments that might impact the health of the animal.

Of course, cooking meals for your dog or cat can be tiring, but it’s by far the healthiest option you have. Otherwise, you’ll have to understand that having a pet is a very important responsibility and that you can’t feed him or her junk, especially if you care about the dog or cat enough to want them to be by your side for as many years to come.  


How to make a dog house by yourself


Building your own dog house can be quite complicated, especially if you don’t have the right tools and if you lack experience in woodworking. However, down below I tried to simplify this process as much as possible and to talk about its requirements, so you can have your little project to work on when you want to forget about daily stress.

Be careful that you respect all safety norms, as accidents are known to happen, primarily if you use electrical cutting tools. Furthermore, to be fair, you should know that you can find plenty of pre-assembled dog houses on the market which require little to no effort to be assembled and used by your pet.

They are not super expensive and can make your life a lot easier if you lack the time to invest in building one with your hands. Here you have a list of some cool dog houses you can choose.



The first thing to fulfill before starting this process is to decide what type of house you want. There are many designs, and the variety of materials you can use can be confusing. The best models are the ones that are insulated, especially if you live in a humid or cold area. For that, you need to buy some cotton sheets, or you can even use a blanket.

Moreover, also pay attention to the materials you use. Most people recommend plywood as it is cheap and water-resistant. You can also use cedar or fir sheets because those types of materials are lighter and will allow you to change the location of the house whenever you want.

To start the actual process, you will need a plan which you will have to follow to the letter because if you don’t cut the pieces to the exact measurements of the project, you risk having parts not fitting well, which might have you starting everything all over again.

To find a compact design that speaks to you, all you have to do is google dog house designs, and you will find plenty of options to choose from.

When building a shelter for your pet, it is essential to take into account its roof. This part of the construction has to be impermeable to water because if it rains heavily, water can infiltrate and destroy the whole house.

Moreover, pay attention where you leave the finished project, as it has to be both accessible and guarded against unpleasant weather.

Additionally, you can even watch videos on Youtube, as there is plenty of quality content that can show you the exact steps with images to build the most comfortable house for your furry friend. Just make sure you pick a video that is not too long, and that is high-quality and professionally edited.